Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silver & Gold

Im coming up with some looks to go with 3 pairs of pants that I bought on sale from Aeropostale!! Video & post coming this weekend! Here is a sneaker peak of a look I did for the cargos!

Yellow Button-up Top: $5 at H&M
Cargo Pants: $4.99 @ Aeropostal
 Bumble Bee Earrings: $1 @ Claires
Jesus Necklace: $UNK @ Rue 21

I found the necklace cleaning up my sisters room! She left it behind, she also left behind the top! I think she forgot she ever bought the top bc it was buried in a bag! HAHA Im allergic to metal so Im starting to buy long necklaces to pair with button ups! H&M has some really cute necklaces for cheap!

What's a new trend or look that you've been trying out this summer? ❤

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Claire's Sensitive Solutions for those with Metal Allerigies or Dermatitis

For those of you with metal allergies or dermatitis, I have great news for you! I do too!! Since I was a little girl I have only worn sterling silver and gold jewelry, because metal would cause my ear hole to close up, scab, and stay infected for months! I tried these sensitive solution earrings from Claire's that is not supposed to have nickel or lead in it, and I must say the 2 "gold" earrings I tried did not make my ears itch all day! The silver pair I wore gave be a bit of an itch, but no infection. So if you are like me Claire's Sensitive Solution earrings may be the solution for you! I bought all of these earrings for $1 a piece on sale! 

Im so happy that I can wear cute, inexpensive earrings!

These are actually Sterling Silver studs that I wear, but I took pictures of them. LOL

Remember with fake jewelry never to stash them together like this, it will tarnish and it will not last long. Always separate your jewelry in an organized fashion! There are a few good videos on YT showing how to organize jewelry to prevent tarnishing and increase the life span of your jewelry.

What kind of earrings are you into this Spring/Summer season?

Holly Rose
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