Sunday, June 12, 2011

If the Shoe Fits…

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I am absolutely crazy about shoes, and no, you can never have too many! I went to Charlotte Russe and noticed they had a sale on shoes, so I grabbed every pair in my size; the ones that fit I took to the counter to verify the prices, because the tags said $25, but the sign said 50% off clearance. The sales associate told me, "They're all $5." I told her to ring em all up! These are the shoes I got for $5 a pair!

The Clog
      I was so happy to see these clogs! I have always wanted a pair, and never could find a pair! I love the hardware and style of these clogs, I think its perfect for Summer! I wore these out today, and I will say they are not that comfortable for long wear and lots of walking, but it is doable! =)

Nude Wedge
Not necessarily nude for ME, but I love the natural tone of these in combination with the faux wood grain wedge. I am also in love with the warped shape of the wedge, it reminds me a lot of Alexander McQueen for some reason! Natural toned shoes like this are perfect to pair with casual outfits, and dresses, but can also be dressed up a bit!

Black Wedge
Black shoes are a staple for the closet. I kinda wish the entire wedge was Black (which can be done), but for now Ill enjoy this show just as it is. The upper is a faux leather that can be "rockstar", "sexy", or casual! I love the practicality of this shoe! By the way these wedges are so comfortable! I wore the Black ones twice and loved every minute of it!

I went to Wet Seal and they had a buy one get one 1 penny sale, so I decided to pick up some heels for the summer! The heels are the same colors as the wedges I got from Charlotte Russe, but it's alright! ;)

Natural Heel
I love the lace up and cut out style of this shoe! Perfect to pair with skinny jeans or a summer dress! This color makes it very practical! I love the faux cork style of the heel! Very comfortable shoe!

Black Heel
Had to get it in Black, very practical! Again the Black can make this heel sexy, hard, or casual, and I love how Black does that! This will definitely be a go to shoe for me this summer!

Have any of you found any great summer shoes? What are your favorite styles? Love you all! See you all next time with another great deal! ;)

Holly Rose


  1. All the shoe are SUPER cute!
    My favorite are the black ones.


    It's pretty much like you up and stole these shoes!!! LOL


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