Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silver & Gold

Im coming up with some looks to go with 3 pairs of pants that I bought on sale from Aeropostale!! Video & post coming this weekend! Here is a sneaker peak of a look I did for the cargos!

Yellow Button-up Top: $5 at H&M
Cargo Pants: $4.99 @ Aeropostal
 Bumble Bee Earrings: $1 @ Claires
Jesus Necklace: $UNK @ Rue 21

I found the necklace cleaning up my sisters room! She left it behind, she also left behind the top! I think she forgot she ever bought the top bc it was buried in a bag! HAHA Im allergic to metal so Im starting to buy long necklaces to pair with button ups! H&M has some really cute necklaces for cheap!

What's a new trend or look that you've been trying out this summer? ❤


  1. Great deals on the pieces!! :-)

    I love the outfit! It's so amaziiing!

  2. I can't believe those pants are from Aeropostale! great finds and thanks for commenting and visiting my blog! :)

  3. hi! thank you so much for stopping by and posting a comment on my blog :) i really appreciate it :)♥
    too bad that you already throw it away :(

    love the outfit!!!
    4.99 for the pants? wow! :)

  4. I'm in love whit vintage.))) i like your blouse.

    xx Marina

  5. lovely! very nice and relaxed look. I really like the cross necklace!

    Thanks for commenting on our blog. Yes i certainly forgot to use sunblock...but trust me I won't forget again.

    Now following your blog. Greetings xx

  6. wow you're so sexy and beautiful and i like your swagger in those pics :D followed!

  7. You look beautiful :) I love the necklace


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