Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cut Your Hair at Home with WAHL

I havent had my hair cut since January. Part of it is because I am too lazy to wait in the barbershop (even though it is right across the street), and part of it is because I kinda wanted to see how fast my hair would grow out. My hair grew an inch in 2 months... and I had no idea what to do with it! When your hair gets that long you need product to keep the curls defined and shiny, and although I was just rockin long locks last year, I am so over trying to shop for hair products. I am ALSO over spending money at the barbershop for a 1/2 cut all over, so I decided Id do it myself!

I went to Wal*Mart to look at reviews on some clippers and there were 2 WAHL clippers that got lots of good reviews. The one I bought is only $11 online WITH free store pick-up, at the store it cost me about $17, moral of the story, BUY IT ONLINE!

WAHL Home Products Home Pro Complete Haircutting Kit

My hair was a thick curly 1 inch afro, and Im proud to say that it is now a 1 all around and looks just as good as if my barber had done it! 

It comes with EVERYTHING you need for your basic haircut, to include instructions for first timers like ME! It was EXTREMELY easy to change the heads. Very fun & easy to cut my hair! My clippers never got really hot in the time that I used it. Wasn’t extremely loud. Not too heavy or too bulky. Comes in a nice sturdy box that you can keep everything in & an apron (plastic) to cover yourself up when cutting your hair.

I definitely recommend all those who spend lots of money at the barbershop to practice at home and grab this pair of clippers.

OVERALL, for a beginner set of clippers at $11 I give this 5 stars!

Any question, just ask! =D


Holly Rose

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